Romantic, idyllic, picturesque. Arnis, the smallest town in Germany, is situated on a peninsula in the Schlei, not far from Kappeln. Visitors can, for example, round off their visit to the town on the old Kirchweg. Well-sustained gardens extend up to the Noor, and on the south-eastern side up to the Schlei River. Landing stages, here and there still a few fishing nets and marinas, complete the maritime flair. And, with four shipyards to cover 300 residents, it has to take the world record - just as with the number of moorings per resident. The latter bears witness to the maritime significance of the town.

On the Lange Straße hemmed by old linden trees, the oldest half-timbered houses in Arnis are to be found, partly still with the characteristic protruding ledges. At the south-west end, above the Schlei and the lido, the idyllic old cemetery can be found, with the historic mariners' church dating from 1673. The ferry from Arnis to Sundsacker connects the landscapes of Angeln and Schwansen, and is very popular with touring cyclists. Four homely inns entertain their guests with freshly-caught fish, many other delicacies, and also coffee and cake. Art has also always been at home in Arnis. In two galleries and one pottery workshop you can look at the works of art and also purchase them. During the summer months, there are various different exhibitions at the town hall. Not least, the guests who return frequently show that Germany's smallest town is a place where you can really relax and live well.