Grödersby is a small community located picturesquely on the Schlei, just before reaching the small town of Arnis. The cosy impression given by the village is evoked by one or two farms. Locals and guests enjoy the high vacation value of the village on the Schlei. The Grödersby Floodplain very strongly characterises the nature of the landscape. With a tributary coming from Faulück, it flows into the area of the community at Brodlos, and flows on through the Räuberholz ("robbers' wood) into a gorge up to 10 m deep. Due to the communal territory rising very sharply from the Schlei, there are some striking points, which give rise to very varied wonderful landscape views. In that regard, you mostly need to look south, because the northern area forms the highest point.

The sailing district from Kappeln to Karschau on the Schlei is located in the Grödersby region, and can be observed from the well-developed cycle paths. The splendid landscape, characterised by a light hilly region, pervaded by the hedgerows typical of angling districts, invites visitors to let go and relax. Grödersby and its environs also invite you to go on cycle tours through bright beech groves, broad green meadows and brilliantly yellow rapeseed fields bordering onto the Schlei . A particular highlight, for example, is to visit Dr. Matthiesen's rural family practice from the ZDF TV series "Der Landarzt" ("The Rural Family Doctor"), well-known for many years. Bicycles and electric bicycles can be rented from the WSG harbour master for a small fee. You can also find further tips and suggestions for tours there.