dock your boat

Already the journey to our beautiful harbour is an experience, for the Schlei, with Schleimünde, Kappeln and the pretty town of Arnis, offers a unique experience of nature, with wonderful views and vistas.

Coming from the Baltic Sea, steer the boat towards Schleimünde lighthouse, past the fishing village of Maasholm up to the lively Kappeln Harbour. The counterpoise bridge opens every hour 15 minutes before the full hour and makes the way free in the direction of Arnis. A buoyed tributary waterway takes a turn approx. 1 NM starboard to the WSG harbour.

Our harbour has a very protected location in regard to almost any wind direction, in the idyllic landscape of Arnis Noor. it offers over  275 moorings at five piers with broad pit walks for boats of up to 15 m in length and 2.10 m flotation depth.

The harbour possesses modern equipment, with wireless Internet, a washing machine, a dryer, cosy covered barbecue areas, faecal disposal, mobile yacht lifters and  a derrick. The protected and covered barbecue areas in the direct vicinity of the piers invite the guest to eat communally. For children, a secured children's playground with new equipment and an open-air chess board offers a nice change from life on board. Be a welcome guest at the "Sailors lnn" harbour restaurant, which has pleasant premises and a lovely patio. For trips in the surrounding area, WSG bikes for hire (including e-bikes) are available.

To keep the area safe during the night, a professional security firm watches over our harbour, so that people and boats are protected.

Our harbour master and the members of the WSG Arnis warmly welcome guests of all ages, and wish you a nice time at our harbour.